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So today is Suicide Prevention Day, as you might know.  And although I do know my stance on it, it seems like with each passing year over the last while, it's been harder to be 100% sure all the time.  Suicide has always been a pretty big part of my life, and as I write this, no living individual currently knows everything this journal will say.  It'll be dark.  If that doesn't interest you, I understand– I just feel like writing this+getting it off my chest anyway.  If you are currently feeling suicidal, the only part of this journal you should probably read is the last paragraph, if anything.

Although I've had on-and-off suicidal thoughts since I was about 12 till now, and suicide attempts by my mother were not uncommon, the issue became more real than ever two years (and eighteen days) ago when she succeeded.  It was strange.  Because a lot of the time you'll hear people saying, you know, "I never saw this coming, s/he was such a bright person" or whatever, but it really wasn't like that for me.  The consensus between my father and myself was that it was "shocking, but not surprising."  We both saw it coming.

So what does that say about me and suicide prevention?  Aside from that I was more bark than bite and a (relatively) bad son to boot, I don't really know.  I've always supported the right-to-die movement, which has been going on for a while in Canada now, so it has occurred to me that I have somewhat of a conflict of interest: although I think people have the right to end their lives, I would very much rather they not.  I saw my mother's self-destruction, and knew that she would very likely kill herself at some point, but I didn't let that stop me from largely rejecting her in her last years because of her treatment of me, which I perceived as manipulative at best, and perhaps it was.  Another thing I'll never know for sure. 

What this means is that I have never actually been good at suicide prevention when it mattered.  Postponement, absolutely, but I'll get to that later.

That said, postponement does bring me to my second suicide prevention failure.  On May 8th of this year, my very dear friend JakesException took his life.  I've never spoken about it on this account due to how personal it is, but depending on who you watch on here, you may have heard about his loss.  He was a phenomenal person and poet, although very troubled.  Similar to my thoughts on my mother's mental health when she was alive, Jake was certain that he would die by suicide.  I worked hard to change his mind about this, because not only had I become pretty gung-ho about suicide prevention after the loss of my mother, but even besides that, he was just a really special person to me, and I let him know it, even though he had a hard time believing it. 

So, postponement.  Jake and I did have a falling out for a few months, and when we started talking again after that time, he had gotten a fair bit worse.  This also marks the second time in as many years that I rejected someone and they died.  Figures.  Anyway, I continued to try to help him, but I got the sinking feeling that he may have been right all that time ago.  Still, a lot of our talks were about his suicidality, and I would try to talk him out of it, despite that nagging thought.  Obviously, it ended up not working, and among everything else, the fear emerged that suicide prevention may not be as possible as I had thought.  Both Jake and my mother lasted longer than they would have without me (they said as much, so it's not my ego), but in the end neither could stay alive.  Postponement is the best I've been able to do.

The thought that the best I can do is delay the horrifying and tragic is, well, horrifying to me.  It's hard not to internalize those kinds of things as failures, and I absolutely have.  Jake was actually a big help in me overcome my guilt regarding my mother, ironically enough.  Like a bad habit though, it's come back lately, partly because of his own death and my failure to do more to actually stop it.

So my thoughts and feelings this Suicide Prevention Day are conflicted.  Of course I support the cause, but my faith in its possibility wavers so much that I don't know if I can believe in it.  That will never stop me from doing what I can to help those in need to the best of my ability, but I don't know if I will ever be able to get over the fear that I may simply be prolonging their suffering by putting off their end.  This is a horrible way to think, and I'm truly and thoroughly disgusted at myself for it, I don't know how else I'm supposed to feel given my experiences.

I don't want it to be Suicide Postponement Day, though.  And if you are in need, or know somebody who is, please seek help regardless.  Prove me wrong.  You are worth infinitely more than you realize, and this journal is not meant to promote suicide or say that it's the only option.  And I may take this back down if I decide –or someone tells me– that that message is too prevalent in this journal, but until then: please stay safe, and seek the help you need.  The only one who can prevent your suicide is you, and I can tell you from experience that it is worth it, as are you.  You are beautiful and deserve all the beautiful things the world has to offer.  Your brain may tell you otherwise, but it is true.  There are plenty of resources, and you are not alone. 

Stay safe,
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I haven't been really active around here lately aside from ghosting around every once in a while, answering messages here and there.  I know part of where this dry spell came from, but not all.  In any case, what it means is that I have barely talked to any of you at all!  I also deleted nearly my entire message center, with a few exceptions, so if there's something you want me to read or comment on or whatever, let me know. 

Anyway, all of this is a awkward roundabout preamble to me asking how all of you are doing!  I don't engage with you guys or this site enough and it's totally my fault, but I hope that this time I will be able to maintain more of a presence than I have been.  Even though the school year and the associated time consumption are fast approaching, I feel like even that will help me with my consistency and quality as a human being in general, on- and off-line.

Hope you're all well,

p.s. fun fact: in the mood section of the journal thing, "high" is listed in the "daily needs" category.  bless you, dA.
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So, you may have seen this by now, but for those of you haven't: a really wonderful deviant named Medoriko is in need of some financial help, having been met with all kinds of adversity this past year.  Although I'm not in a position to help her financially, I figured the least I can do is to spread the word, in the hopes that at least one of you may be able to donate, or even just spread the word further. 

I have collaborated with Medoriko in both group admin and writing capacities, and I can say with confidence that she is not scamming anybody (and if you think otherwise, tell it to me or nobody at all; she doesn't need accusations from strangers in a time like this).  She's also an active and positive presence in the lit community, and gives a lot to this website without ever having asked for anything in return. 

I'm not very good at journal writing, but I do ask you from a very sincere place that you consider helping her out, either by donating to her GoFundMe page which has some more details about her situation, or even just by spreading the word like I have.

Thank you for reading.
I've been thinking now is as good a time as any to experiment a little bit with fixed form poetry as opposed to my typical free verse.  I don't really know where to start, though; so I was hoping you guys could be a big help and tell me a form or two (bearing in mind that I'm a beginner) that you'd like to see me try.  A prompt would be cool too but I won't beg too much of you; that said, if you don't know much about fixed forms but would like to share a prompt only, that'd be really cool too.  Japanese forms are my favourite, as well as my comfort zone, so forms other than haiku and tanka will make for more interesting suggestions/results.  In return, you can have my eternal gratitude and hopefully a poem to read.  And I can even put a little feature in the artist comments, if you want.  Thanks!
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You all probably thought I forgot about you, and I guess I can't really blame you for that.  But here we go, because you guys are all my favourites.

I'll start with MatieuCanadaWilliams, a fantastic writer whose talent I'm honestly kind of jealous of.  He mixes effective and interesting imagery with emotional narratives that feel true-to-life (maybe not mine, since I'm not that interesting, but you know what I mean).  On top of that, he has some interesting music tastes, and showed me some cool music on my last journal, which'll be at the bottom of this journal.  Anyway, here are the five pieces he chose for me to feature:

loners set their own paceshe fell in love with you, horizon chaser boy
got his toes caught right on the ledges carved in,
tripped on the scars scoured across your all,
hit face-first into the falling ash rubbed into the skin
beneath your eyes so hard it'll never wash out of those
monochrome-overlain quick sand pits that gape
like beckoning cemetery plots.
you drowned him, nebula reaching bloke, runaway,
the undertow that swirled between the creases
bordering your frown on either side whirl pooling through
his irises, crept up through his veins and entered in
the same way you entered his life - with screeching
brakes and a tumbling
pulled him down into your depths, mysterious nomad,
sucked his fingers in to trace coarse sideburns and
the sharp angles of your visage and the prodding of
your ribs against the inner layers of your flesh tarp.
he fell quick and hard, same way he rolled up your hood,
falling star fellow,
and he outstretched his hands when you
wanted him to but never asked
because he trip
there's always been room in the passenger seatrum runner you, always scared
to stop moving for too long
in case the ground beneath you
you drank more scotch than you bought,
hands more sober than your head
steering around tight curves, too practiced
at this to total.
there was nothing you were more
overwhelmed by
than being underwhelmed,
and no matter how hard your brothers
held on after all these years,
they knew you'd leave
whether they let you
or not.
nicotine and booze and
the occasional stop for coffee
fueled your nature,
gasoline fueled your car -
you always were just as addictive
as you were
starving mutt.
romance was avoided and flings were
welcomed in their rarity,
but hardly any exchange for favours.
everyone else was too tied down
in the world,
but you knew you had to see every inch
just to feel like you belonged anywhere.
his heart beat to the rumble of the engine
no matter how quick you cut it,
and you knew,
cross country lover,
that he was just as flightful
as you.
small towns were always suffocating
burnt sienna never went so well with hansathe skies stretched past the horizon line
for his brother -
twins (practically),
and yet few saw violet hues and
a shade not quite the same sunglow,
but a mixed swatch between
maize -
according to wikipedia.
he yearned for the anythings that came with life
outside the invisible walls
of this little town,
a canary outside the coal mine
but still in the cage.
his singing voice never was
a proper tenor.
so adjusted to being transparent as wind but
just as likely to rustle leaves in passing
he could hardly believe you saw him -
even though he'd practically kneed your windshield out.
his glasses were unbent by your hands before he even realised
you'd taken them.

we've found refuge in each otherbitter
rolls off his tongue
in oozing argent,
gaseous tendrils creeping
between his teeth,
curling around his lip
with a fleeting brush
of it's own.
i never had a taste for cigarettes
until i tasted them
nestled in the hollow of his throat.
washes on his tongue,
liquid bistre and
left too long to his damp
kitchen to be so scalding
anymore, undiluted,
because he lacks the motivation
to pretty anything about himself
for anyone.
i used to drown in coffee shaded
café au lait
until i realised i didn't need
so much milk to curb the burn.
lingers around my tongue,
solid, invisible skylines of
words keelhauled over obsidian
vocal cords on their way up,
gravel far too gritty and broken
to keep from eroding from his throat
and building up in his lungs.
i'd always known i'd miss his voice
from the moment i'd heard him speak
until he laughed,
and i was doomed to miss that more.
he always was one to take advantage of fragilitywhite never did quite
suit you, did it?
and yet here we find
your garden choked
with more of it
than green
ironic, i find
that roses so rare
in these rain-loved parts
would choose your walls
to climb
i suppose,
the lilies were just as white
and you tore those down
far quicker
maybe, over vulnerability
thorns are what
i needed to shield
our bonds with
that way
you can never pull me from your stones
without embedding my mark
for good, this time

Next up is PaleAuthor, who is a prolific and talented, if a bit morbid, writer and the type of generous person who, when I asked for three deviations to feature, didn't think to give me any of her own and instead showed me her favourite works by other deviants.  Those'll be underneath her poems.  For now, though, I give you three poems of hers that she showed me once I let her know that she could give me her own stuff too:

<da:thumb id="441151643"/><da:thumb id="446539264"/><da:thumb id="445259209"/>

The pieces she originally suggested:

The AuthorWriters paint pictures that painters can't.Infinite Dreams by RHADS<da:thumb id="440966620"/>

And finally, JakesException.  I could go on about this guy, but I'll just say that he's a very talented writer who's been one of my biggest poetic influences.  Besides that, he's been a great friend, who's stuck with me through thick and thin– even when I probably didn't deserve it.  But that's enough from me, so I'll let his poetry do the rest of the talking:

Mature Content

As for the songs MatieuCanadaWilliams and PaleAuthor showed me, here you go, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  The second video is fairly bloody, so if you don't like that kind of thing it might not be for you.

Also, it's worth mentioning another writer who's been getting a bit more active on dA again, love-the-name-lily.  She tagged me in an OC questionnaire journal, but I don't really write enough fiction these days to have one, so I figured I'd mention her here anyway so you all can check her and her poetry out.

This turned out to be a fairly long journal if you read the poems or listened to the songs, so thanks for sticking with me, and more importantly, reading all that great poetry!  I hope you're all doing fantastic, and keep up the awesome writing/art! 

And to make this more than just me talking at you, I've got a question for you all that might become relevant in the future:  What factors do you consider when deciding whether or not to join a lit contest?  Are there certain things that make you more or less likely to participate? 

Thanks again for reading!
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So I recently passed 50 watchers (for like the third time now, wow), so to thank you all I want to give you a little journal feature.  So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to post your three favourite deviations in the comments, and I'll put them in the feature.  If you give me a link to a song to listen to, you can post five and I'll feature them all.

So yeah, thanks for the support, everyone!  Even if you don't comment or fave or whatever it means a lot that you're even reading.
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In some ways it feels like this year flew by, but in others it seems like it's been 2013 for ages.

How have you guys been?  Any new years resolutions?

Some things

Sun Sep 8, 2013, 7:46 AM by HuntingForHappiness:iconhuntingforhappiness:


and Awareness Week

So this week is Suicide Prevention Week(a cause near and dear to my heart), and the folks over at Spreading-Awareness are gonna be doing a series of articles for it.  So if you aren't watching those guys already, now would be a cool time to start.  You might even see a familiar name on one of the pieces.  The first piece is here:  Welcome to Suicide Awareness WeekWelcome to Suicide
Awareness Week at

(For those of you who are at Arts-and-Health, we are helping to promote this week with the group Spreading-Awareness. Please feel free to join us there for this week's activities and discussions!)
We hope to provide some understanding about suicide and the risk factors for it. This week's topics will include:
:bulletblack: Introduction to Suicide Awareness Week, by Aeirmid
:bulletblack: Factors of Suicide, by Wataqo
:bulletblack: Coping and Seeking Help, by akkajess and Astralseed
:bulletblack: Suicide and Who It Affects Part 1, by HuntingForHappiness
:bulletblack: Suicide and Who It Affects Part 2, by Nichrysalis
:bulletblack: Reaching Out, by Astrikos
:bulletblack: Suicide Awareness Week: In Closing, by Nichrysalis
Basic facts about suicide
Did you know that suicide is a top 10 cause of death in the United States? W

Critics Wanted

GrammarNaziCritiques is in need of more poetry critics, so if that's your thing, you should totally check them out; your help would definitely be welcome.


In my last journal I said I'd feature people who commented, so here are four awesome pieces, for your reading pleasure:

Dribble. by JakesException:

Mature Content

(Gaseous) State of Mind by AyeAye12:
(Gaseous) State Of MindFeels like I'm a shell
empty but for
spreading like spiderwebs in a
mental overpopulation of the brain,
logic melting into delusion
in cauldron pots
growling in the corner;
anxiety turns to pathogen
turns to plague
turns to dead thoughts
seeping into such a morbid alchemy,
lead to gold isn't platinum
and it looks like the youth is gone
so let's all stare at the dry fountain
but there are a thousand scapegoats
rolling in the panic-grass outside,
one needs to be picked from the hat
or I'll tumble down dark paths
in a web mapping the unknown.
Feel that?
That's the claustrophobia knocking
and heralding a million wars I gotta lose,
I better go prepare
to die, seeya
and here's to hoping
I find a formula for light.

Cave by love-the-name-lily:
In the quiet deep
The single sound of falling
Water can be heard

Wildfire by Laeneris:

These guys are all awesome writers, and are definitely worth checking out and watching.

And Finally

Huge thanks to Nichrysalis for the Premium Membership and this journal skin, made for Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. 

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But I have been very absent, and plan to change that.  Partly by writing poetry again, but I think I'm actually gonna make use of this journal, which isn't really something I've done in the past.  Now that I've got university going on again, I'll have a bit more to talk about. 

Also, there are 50 of you guys watching me now(wow!), and I hardly even talk to any of you guys+ have drifted from the ones that I did.  I don't bite, and you guys are already awesome for watching me, so I'd love to get to know some of you better. 

So yeah, this is me saying hello again, hopefully for a decent amount of time.  Also, to celebrate 50 watchers, if you reply here with a piece of yours, I'll feature it in my next journal.

Take care,
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Some of you may know about Live-Love-Write's Synergy project, but for those of you who don't, it's a community project in which writers are paired up with each other in the interest of mutual improvement, and collaboration.  I was paired up with AyeAye12.  He's a talented young writer who does great haiku and free verse poetry.  For week one of Synergy, one of the assignments is to feature my favourite piece of his, so, without further ado, I give you:

6:00 PMThe sun spills like syrup;
God has put an instagram filter
on reality
for this hour,
A train lays
a steel drum beat,
children's laughter is
punctured with the
cry of a canary (mother),
the world smells of
dried powder earth.

His other poems are great as well, and a look through his gallery is well worth the time.

Who are some writers that you especially like/would recommend others to read?
So I was doing some hardcore spring cleaning today; going through boxes upon boxes that hadn't been opened since we moved house.  Anyway, it was pretty unremarkable, though I did find a lot of memories that were painful and precious in equal measures.  What I also found was this little folder, with nothing written on the front or anything.  But inside were all these stories and poems that I'd written for school assignments as a kid(like, less than 10 years old), and I, of course, read them all out of curiosity.  Of course none of them were great, but it was just such an amazing feeling to look back to how it all started, how far I've come, and even how passionate I was all that time ago.  I can say that blocky sentences, forced rhymes, and arbitrary line breaks have never impacted me so deeply.  I threw out a lot of memories today, but being able to look back on myself in such a tangible way made it all so worth it.

Have you ever discovered any of those old, forgotten writings that bring you right back to the start of memory lane?
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A lot of you may not have noticed I was gone, but anyways.

With the new year approaching, I decided I needed to bring writing back into my life.  A lot of personal things happened all at once and made me lose touch with my words.  I figured getting back here would help with inspiration and once again continuing to improve myself+my writing.  

How have things been with you guys?
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It's been a long time since I've really been on here but I just realized I didn't really say anything about it.  In any case, I'm in university now, and as a result I've been much less active on here and in my writing.  But I am still very much alive and will try to check in when I can.
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Summer is finally here.  High school is over, and in two months I'll have to go off and be an adult.  It's scary, but the whole idea of university is something I'm finding more and more appealing and exciting; like-minded people, studying what I enjoy, working co-op/internships, an the social aspect too, of course.  For those of you who've been in university, what were/are your experiences?  Did you like it?  Best/worst parts?

Summer also means I'll have more time to write, and more traveling, which also means more inspiration.  So that will be nice, I think.  A change of pace in a lot of ways.

Personal stuff aside, I've also come across another cool group contest thing, run by FeedbackFrenzy.  The journal entry is here:, but I'll also explain it a bit.  Basically, when you join, you will be put in a team with three other people, and for a week you will provide your best critiques/constructive comments on the deviations provided.  Each critique will be judged and given a rating, and the group with the highest overall rating(all the ratings added up) wins.  You can't pick your team like the last one of these I mentioned, but all that means is you get to meet new people, and maybe make a friend or two!  So, if you feel up to it, check it out here, and join up.  They'll be glad to have you, I'm sure.
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So, we at WeeklyLitContests just finished up our first contest, and I'm happy to say that LadyofGaerdon won with her poem Daylight Forsaken.  So, to celebrate, a feature of her winning poem and some of her other awesome work:

Daylight ForsakenDo you remember when Aurora
invoked dawn in the sky above us?
How we watched her colors spread
above the highway, the gas station - across the fields,
painting reality in vivid splendor
as we traversed its mundane streets
bathed in the frail whispers of possibility?
We disappeared into the trees
where we spilled our secrets,
let them echo in the early morning stillness
of the orchards; a murmured resonance
played to the tempo of our heartbeats.
We didn't even care when reality invaded
[in the form of an angry farmer]
and shooed us back into its clutches;
it could not break the spell.
Or the night we lost hours
in each others' eyes,
[you knew I was afraid of eye contact - too vulnerable; you changed that]
finding our way out only when the sun
cast his rays upon your face.
So we left behind the cover of night
and emerged into the light
of a new day.
Or the time
you let me drive your car
in high-heeled hiking boots.
[but only on the back roads, away from civilization]
Tragic BeautyI remember lying in my hospital bed at the physical rehabilitation facility, far too many years ago,  staring at a picture of a little girl. Someone had brought it in for me, though I didn't remember who or why. In the picture she was wearing shorts, and leaning to feed bread to the ducks gathered around her. I stared at the little girl's legs and cried. She was beautiful.
"I broke you," I whispered to her. "I'm so sorry I broke you. I never meant to. Please, forgive me." And she did, of course. But I'm not sure if that made it better or worse.
There was a poet staying in the room next to me. He was a brain trauma patient, unlike me. For some reason they'd moved me out of the spinal cord injury section of the hospital and into brain trauma. I never actually met the man, and yet some days I can't stop thinking about him. My mother brought me a book of his poems, a little pamphlet made of thick, sturdy paper. She said she thought I would like them. And I did. They were so hopef

Dark MotherBleed your colors to the ground,
let them swirl in the vortex of your breath.
The gathering chill escaped from your lungs
whispers the green earth into death.

Dark Mother, keep the spirits
you hold within your hands.
Souls eternally bidden,
soaked and seeped into the land.
Dark Mother, keep your fury
quivering deep within the ground.
Harm us not, but let us hear
the power of that sound.
The wheel is turning, always turning
as the sun falls from the sky.
Mother can you tell me,
oh can't you tell me why?
Dark Mother, stir your cauldron
deep living waters of rebirth.
Wash clean this wretched wreckage
we have wreaked upon the earth.
Dark Mother, shall we reap
all that we have sown?
When spring returns will you be there?
to light our path toward home?
The wheel is turning, always turning
as the seasons slowly die.
Mother can you tell me,
oh can't you tell me why?
Will you exhale a merciful breath,
to warm our world once more?
Or stop the wheel from turning,

leave us trappe
Elegy Of A Lost SeasonI am the fall.
Broken in June, buried in August -
haunting September from the boughs of hazel,
where not even the rain could reach me.
How my limbs ached to feel its soothing caress;
but my limbs felt nothing, and I felt nothing.
And the season moved on, without me.
Once, long ago, I was spring,
delicate and pure; fragile as willow seedlings,
believing themselves strong, as they stretch toward the sun -
before the wind breaks their stalks, and they fall
defeated, drained, limp upon the ground;
crushed and forgotten as tears.
But no, I was summer -
when I looked into your eyes for the first time
and forgot to curse the sun.
Tiny beads running down my neck;
hateful, so hateful - ignored, as you ensnared my senses.
You were summer, too
cradled in the branches of oak,
bright enough to burn my eyes and scorch my skin,
but never close enough to touch.
Until in your arms, I became summer,
and the sun could not outshine us.
But now I am winter -
numb and cold, faded, stripped and desolate;
a s

And there are so many more gems in her gallery(…), so go over and take a look; you'll like what you see.

Also, akarra's Haiku contest has ended, and the results are on his website here:… are some great haiku there, so check that out too.  You won't regret it.
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I found out today that June is apparently a summer version of national novel writing month(why, I don't know).  So, although I'm not gonna go for the 50000(I have exams this month; succeeding in both would be a ridiculous feat of brilliance I am not capable of), I am gonna try and write at least 20000-30000 words of worldbuilding and character building for the story that I've been thinking of.  It should be more manageable that way, and still fun.

Will any of you be participating?

Also, for you writers: There's an awesome prompt group called 365DaysofMusic that's just starting out today.  Prompts every day in the form of songs across all genres; it has a lot of potential, and I know I'll be doing it.
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I've kind of been venturing into some fiction stuff lately, and right now I'm doing a kind of character sketch/short story type thing, with more to come after that.  The problem is, as I read over what I currently have, I realized that I pretty much suck at fiction.  But I really want to keep going with these characters and this story, which brings me to the point of this.

Do any of you have any advice for this kind of thing?  As general or specific as you want to get, it's all gold.  Improving the flow of a paragraph from dialogue to action and back is one thing, if you need more specifics.
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So I came across a project being run by ohsparrowsong, about mental illness.  The journal is here (, but the basic idea is to publish a book of stories about mental illnesses of all kinds, as well as the stigma that people with them face.  The proceeds will be going to an Australian mental health charity, so it's really a great thing.

Anyway, I know not all, and maybe none, of you will be able to relate to this well enough to contribute, but if any of you are, and are willing to share, this is a great opportunity.
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I know I just put out a request for collaborations like 3 days ago but some of them temporarily fell through, and more importantly, there is a huge contest coming up! (link here:

One that requires a team of four to compete.  So, if any of you want to join up with me, let me know in comments and we can register for the tournament together.  And if you don't want to, that's alright as well, since I can enter individually and get a random team.  So, check out the link, and see what you think!  :D

ALSO IMPORTANT:  The registration deadline is May 10th, so there's not a lot of time.
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I'm in the mood to write with someone.  Any takers?